Haiti: The Hidden Truth

Mahmoud El-Kati

ISBN-13: 978-0-9675581-6-5
Soft cover • 40 pages
Released 10/2010 • $5.00


Haiti: The Hidden Truth explores how Haiti represents one of the most inspiring and successful chapters in the annuls of human history and how there is a critical need to know more than we know, in order to make a more intelligent political and moral assessment of Haiti. This book is a beginning for those who wish to gain a fundamental knowledge and a better perspective about Haiti.

El-Kati poignantly points out that Haiti’s triumphant past is greater than its present tragedy. He continues that no matter what, the question that surpasses all questions about Haiti is the indisputable and triumphant fact, that Haiti defeated Napoleon's Army several years before his fall in Russia and at Waterloo (1815). Haiti’s great victory was the beginning of the demise of the French Empire and what was to follow. The enslaved overthrowing the master, Black Africans routing the supposed invincible European, lay forever to rest the powerful and mythical doctrine of "White supremacy."

Cover Design: Rekhet Si-Asar