An Ode to Africa : Kwanzaa Keepsake Cards

Mahmoud El-Kati


ISBN: 978-0-9675581-5-8
Soft cover • 10 Gift Cards Per Box
Each Card is an 8 Page Poem 
Released 2005 • $20.00


These Kwanzaa Keepsake Cards are the ideal gifts for everyone. “An Ode to Africa” is a touching, educational and inspirational tale of the African experience from the past to the present. This 8-page Keepsake Card is for everyone's library and fireplace mantle for it will be a reference and resource for months and years to come.

“An Ode to Africa” Keepsake Card was written by the African Griot, Master Storyteller and Chief Elder Mahmoud El-Kati. Elder Mahmoud poetically writes about the history, heritage, values and culture of African people that will fuel many fruitful discussions and teachings during Kwanzaa and beyond.

Soft Cover • 10 Gift Cards per box • Each Gift Card is an 8-Page Poem

Cover Design: Rekhet Si-Asar